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Web Development In Melbourne – We Make Your Website More Than Just ‘Pretty’

Web Development In Melbourne – We Make Your Website More Than Just ‘Pretty’

In our last post, we talked about the importance of professional web design – how looks really do matter when it comes to making a great impression with your customers. Now let’s go one step further and talk about how professional web development services are a critical foundation for your web design.

What Exactly IS Web Development?

When we talk about web development, we’re talking about the way that your site functions, how visitors interact with features on your site. Most people don’t think about the vast amount of coding that goes into the development of a website in order to be able to click buttons, watch videos, compare products side-by-side, bid on a live auction or calculate the mortgage on a new home. Visitors to your site take these features for granted – they expect them! At Design Junction, we offer clients fully customizable web development in Melbourne to create a site that appeals to today’s most demanding consumers.

Complex Online Projects Need More Than Just A Great Design

If your website looks pretty, but functions poorly, it’s scaring away your customers – and they’re not going to give you a second chance. Your website needs to provide a total solution for visitors: it needs to be aesthetically pleasing and it needs to deliver the information they’re looking for and perform the tasks they expect it to – and it needs to do it fast, efficiently and in an organised fashion.

If you have a small or very streamlined business that doesn’t require a lot of information and interaction on your website, you can get away with simpler web development services. But if your business provides extensive information about products or services, or if your site is highly interactive, you need more complex custom web development services that can give you the kind of robust site visitors are looking for.

Technologies That Design Junction Uses For Web Development In Melbourne

Design Junction employs only the most skilled and experienced web developers. They are experts in PHP, MySQL and – C# web development techniques, and use open-source or a Windows environment depending on clients’ needs. What does all of this mean to you? The sky is the limit when it comes to building a custom site for you that represents your brand and functions great for visitors. When you choose us for web development in Melbourne, you know you’re going to get the knowledge and experience needed to take your website to the next level – making it a highly productive site that drives traffic, converts leads to sales, and increases profits.

We use only the most advanced technologies for web development. This means that, as we like to say, your site will be ‘future-proofed’ because it will be in compliance with the latest web development standards.

Some of our website development technologies include:

  • PHP and MySQL Web Development
  • – C# Web Development
  • Flash websites
  • Javascript
  • XML
  • AJAX

When you choose Design Junction for web development in Melbourne, we work with you to develop a custom solution – from design, to completion and beyond. For more information about our web development services, contact us today!

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