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If You Have a Retail Business in Melbourne, Ecommerce Web Development can Help Grow Your Sales

If You Have a Retail Business in Melbourne, Ecommerce Web Development can Help Grow Your Sales

Retail is not dying as the Australian media might lead you to believe. Australian consumers are just getting smarter about their shopping and taking it online. This ecommerce development boom in Australia is hardly surprising. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we are ranked 9th out of 27 selected countries with 62% household broadband use. More and more Australians are online and that is where they are deciding to spend their money.


Why are Australians Shopping Online?

 As consumers we are always going to try and find the best deal possible. The best deal is not just about saving money, but also about convenience and about getting products that aren’t easily available in local stores.

Australians are shopping online for lower prices, yes, but they are also shopping online because of how easy it is. You might not make it down to Officeworks as often as you need to, but if you order the stationery online, at least the rest of the company will not have to suffer for lack of Post-It notes. Also, having more to choose from and being able to easily compare products makes online shopping infinitely appealing.


Do Businesses Really Need an Online Store?

 Businesses need to reach their customers wherever they are. Your customers are in shopping centres as much as they are on the World Wide Web. If a product in your brick and mortar store is easily available online via a competitor’s store, you may have already lost a potential customer.

According to a recent statement made by Myer CEO Bernie Brookes, over the coming years, online-only retailers may well get left behind as traditional mainstream retailers take over the online retailing space. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but the fact remains that traditional retailers need to start planning their ecommerce activities pronto.

Data from a report on Trends and Issues in Online Retailing highlights Australians spent $12.6 billion (6 percent of total retail spending) shopping online via domestic and overseas stores. According to the same report, in 2005-6, just about 19 percent of businesses received orders online. In comparison, in 2009-10, just over a third of businesses received internet orders.

Experts believe online sales are projected to continue growing between 10 and 15 percent each year for the next three years. With the growing adoption of mobile phone and tablet usage, the growth in online sales is unlikely to stagnate. If your business is not considering ecommerce development, you are likely to miss the boat.


How Do I Go Online?

 Taking your business online is not just about setting up a website with an attractive design. It requires serious ecommerce web development, setting up a user-friendly shopping cart, a searchable catalogue, creating a trustworthy and secure environment, setting up payment gateways and much more. The ecommerce development process involves setting up an intuitive, clean and usable interface that will encourage customers to keep coming back and shopping with you.

If your business needs to make the transition to a Melbourne ecommerce store, Design Junction’s web development team is experienced in creating usable, safe and trusted online shopping sites. Contact Design Junction to transform the online shopping experience for your customers.