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Responsive Web Design in Melbourne – Do You Need It?

Responsive Web Design in Melbourne – Do You Need It?

Smartphone use in Australia is at a record high and is set to keep growing. A survey carried out by Google earlier in 2012 found more than half of all Australians now own a smartphone – a jump of over 40% since last year.

The mobile web isn’t going away and if anything, it’s only going to continue evolving further. In the same survey mentioned above, Google Australia found 79% of local businesses don’t have mobile-optimised websites. As a result, 61% of mobile users surveyed said they would think twice before returning to a site that was hard to use on their phone. Unfortunately, many business owners have yet to realize that they need a mobile ready website to stay connected to their on-the-go customers.


What Is Responsive Design?

 Put simply, responsive design helps create adaptive websites that can be easily optimized for use across various devices (PCs, smartphones and/or tablets). Adaptive responsive design is the latest buzz in the web development and design world, more because it offers a solution in the complicated multi-device mobile world. The use of adaptive web design can ensure the content and layout of your website will fit the dimensions of the device being used while continuing to be attractive and fully functional.


Do Businesses Really Need Adaptive Websites?

 We often get asked if an adaptive website (one that easily adapts its look and usability depending on the device) is really necessary. Our answer to clients is that it really depends on your business. If you offer products and services to customers on-the-go, you know what your customers’ intent is when they’re on your site, and you can capture more traffic and leads from a mobile site – then it’s probably right for you! But there are some instances where a responsive design is not in line with a business’s goals or their website simply isn’t ready. It’s important to always consider what’s really right for you – not just jump on board with the latest technology.


Is Responsive Design for Me?

 It’s important to remember that making the switch to adaptive responsive design isn’t a quick fix for your website’s content and layout issues. Crucial things to consider before jumping into responsive design:

  • Cross-browser compatibility – Responsive design sometimes uses queries that don’t work on certain browsers.
  • Availability of dynamic images – Responsive designs cannot work without properly sized images for each device type. This is difficult but crucial.
  • Content – Is your mobile content going to be different from your desktop content?
  • Functionality – Does your desktop site offer different functionality than your mobile site?
  • Creative Design – Your onsite designs will probably need to be modified to be compatible with a mobile ready website.
  • Business Practices – Responsive design must work in conjunction with your business practices. Consider where ads will be placed for various devices (above the fold or below the fold) for optimised performance.
  • Measurement – If you need measure performance, consider how to monitor and analyse metrics across devices.

Jason Pellegrino, head of mobile ads, Google Australia said: “The mobile revolution isn’t ‘coming’ – it’s already happened. Mobile is no longer optional: businesses need to develop a mobile strategy now, or risk getting left behind.”

Adaptive Web Design Made Easy

 Don’t get left behind. If you are keen to learn more about adaptive responsive design, please get in touch with the Design Junction team. As a leading mobile website design firm, the experts at Design Junction will help you set up a modern, mobile ready website that will take your online presence to a whole new level.