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Why Design Is Important For Ecommerce Sites

Why Design Is Important For Ecommerce Sites

When you’re first sitting down to create an e commerce website, it’s natural to put a lot of your focus into the back-end. It isn’t easy to design a really great system for ecommerce; Melbourne companies often rely on pre-designed systems that fit their needs poorly, eventually either outgrowing what they have or simply becoming tired of trying to make it work.

The truth is, you can’t afford to ignore great web design. Melbourne companies who do notice a startling reality: they’ve got a great back-end system, but they’re not getting the traffic they want, people aren’t spending time on the site, and they’re definitely not staying long enough to buy anything. Why? Because the company didn’t spend enough time designing an e commerce website: they focused on an e commerce back-end and neglected the user experience.


Capture Visitors With Strong Design And Outstanding Functionality

 You need to have a website that excels at every level. It needs to have a good back-end that is convenient and functional for both you and your customers. But it also needs to have an outstanding front-end. Remember to pay special attention to anything that users are going to see or interact with as part of the buying process. Remember how little time you have to make an impression on them. If you don’t catch them within the first few seconds, then you’re going to lose them.


The Design Junction E Commerce Website

 Whenever we build an e commerce website, we design for all aspects. Our simple shopping cart has low abandonment rates, meaning that your customers are more likely to stick around and follow through to ultimately make a purchase. An integrated payment gateway makes the entire system simple to use and helps increase customer confidence, providing a big boost to overall sales. Our cart is a great choice for anyone who’s looking to sell online. Whether you’re doing low volume, or selling thousands of units per day, we’ve got the right kind of system and support for you.


SEO Friendly From The Beginning

 A lot of e commerce websites suffer from a fatal flaw beyond just having poor design: they’re not designed with search engines in mind. Search engines often can’t see into the depths of ecommerce site architecture, which can translate into a lot of the value being lost from important interior pages. Our e commerce solutions aren’t just designed for search; they’re also optimized for pay per click traffic, allowing you to direct users to the exact page you want.


If you’re looking to launch an outstanding e commerce site, Design Junction is ready to help. We offer a full suite of products and support that goes far beyond just e commerce. Our SEO and internet marketing packages can help you open your new online store and get real results by driving qualified traffic to your site. With our help, you’ll be closing deals before you know it!