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Custom Web Design

Web Design & Development

Turn website visitors into new customers with help from Design Junction, Digital Agency in Melbourne! Our experienced team of designers and developers has created websites in virtually every industry, helping clients drive traffic to their business and achieve maximum ROI. We do it every day, and we can do it for you.

Your business needs a custom website that is unique, eye catching, and user friendly. It needs to look incredible, and just as importantly it needs to function well for your visitors. It needs to be developed properly, created by an experienced web designer in Melbourne, loading swiftly and using industry best practices. With more than 10 years of experience with web design, Melbourne based Design Junction is your one-stop solution for engaging websites. We take clients through three distinctive Quality Assurances phases: design conceptualization, development and coding, and detailed testing to ensure that your site performs in every way and you are completely satisfied.

Your business simply can't afford a substandard website. Let our team of expert web designers in Melbourne create a website that captures your vision and takes your business to the next level.

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e-Commerce Solutions

Ecommerce Development

Custom e-commerce solutions are a vital part of any business that sells products online. If your e-Commerce web design isn't secure and user-friendly, you'll lose business and turn away customers. At Design Junction, we specialize in creating custom e-commerce solutions in Melbourne and for companies around the world.

Our services include a shopping cart system with integrated payment, clean and crisp interface designs, and a unique scaling and customizable catalogue to help your visitors quickly select the right products. In addition, we can build many custom features into your e-commerce website, including:

  • Online payment through PayPal or a bank
  • SSL enabled payment
  • Fulfilment management
  • Member accounts and loyalty programs
  • Sales metrics and reporting
  • Discounts, sales, and vouchers
  • And much more...

The capabilities of our technical staff are virtually unlimited. If you want a particular feature included and you don't see it listed here, we will make it happen! Our e-commerce web design will provide your customers with a reliable, trusted and secure online shopping experience; inspiring shopper confidence and resulting in customer loyalty, repeat business and sustained growth.

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Mobile Web Design & Development

Mobile Web Design

Within the next few years, mobile phones and tablets are expected to eclipse desktop computers and laptops in both sales and use. Despite this clear trend, many companies aren't even aware that they need a separate mobile website design and search engine optimisation strategy for mobile users. If your website isn't developed to adapt to mobile devices, the easy-to-use and attractive layout you see on a computer screen disappears. This leaves your 'on the go' visitors unimpressed and unable to get the information they want; and ultimately they go elsewhere.

Design Junction specializes in mobile web design. Melbourne businesses and companies around the world trust us to create sleek designs that operate superbly on mobile devices. Our sites load quickly and adjust to fit the screen of any mobile device exactly, ensuring that your site can engage customers at home or on the go. And like everything we do, our mobile designs are always optimized for SEO.

Melbourne companies and international enterprises alike need to be ready for mobile. Don't wait until it's too late - start making your website mobile-ready now!

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Online Marketing

Onlime Marketing - Social Media Management

Design Junction, an expert in SEO in Melbourne, can help you leverage every possible online marketing channels, generating maximum exposure for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. We usually start withsearch engine optimisation, designed to get your website ranking highly in search engines for your key terms. A form of inbound marketing, this strategy allows people who are already looking for what you sell find you and complete the transaction.

SEO is a sound online marketing strategy, but it can take time. For maximum exposure and a quick uptick in traffic, you may want to include AdWords. Melbourne companies may be aware of the program, which is Google's advertising division. It's a pay per click system with ads showing up right next to unpaid organic search engine results. Design Junction recommends using AdWords and other paid web marketing channels to complement your organic SEO strategy.

To round out your online marketing strategy, most companies need a social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, and other social environments have changed the way brands do business, bringing the customer and the company closer than ever. Whether you're already using social media in Melbourne or haven't touched it, Design Junction can help you draft and execute a social media strategy that will increase engagement and ultimately drive sales.

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